Last Update: March 31, 2017
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The Southern Arizona Callers Association (SACCA) is an association of Square Dance Callers and Round Dance Cuers serving the Tucson area and Southern Arizona. We also have members in the Phoenix area as the association there is no longer in operation.
For 60 years, the Square & Round Dance Association of Southern Arizona (SARDASA), has sponsored the annual festival. We, the Southern Arizona Callers & Cuers Association (SACCA), would like to extend our thanks and appreciation to all of those who helped keep the festival going year after year. SARDASA has ceased sponsoring the festival, and since we did not want to see it end, SACCA has taken up the honor of continuing the Festival under a new name. Please click on the "festival" link for more information. Please remember to support the festival by registering early. Thank You.
Our association is dedicated to promote the Square and Round Dance Activity and has sponsored the Festival event since January 2009. The Festival has recently move to a new location. We will have three dedicated halls for Mainstream, Plus and Advanced. There will be also be Round Dancing and workshops. SACCA stepped up to keep a January Festival going as SARDASA, Square and Round Dance Association of Southern Arizona, had decided they would no longer sponsor the event. Although the Festival name has changed to Tucson Area Square Dance Festival, SACCA felt it was important to keep the January Festival, (A Tucson Tradition for 60 years) going. Click on festival link for more information.

SACCA also sponsors Beginner, Mainstream and Plus Special Dances. Our organization also provides educational programs for our members. SACCA supports the principles of CALLERLAB (International Square Dance Callers Association- see in providing leadership in the activity. We at SACCA work hand in hand with SARDASA providing Callers for Dances and Square Dance Demos to keep Square Dancing thriving in the Greater Tucson Area. Feel free to contact us at any time.